Rates and Treatment Options

Initial Acupuncture Treatment: $80.00 This includes an in-depth consultation, evaluation, and the first treatment. The first treatment lasts between 60 and 85 minutes. This is totally customized to you, and while we focus on a chief complaint, it is our goal to harmonize and correct imbalances throughout the whole body. 

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatments: $65.00 each. This includes a brief intake covering any changes that have occurred since last treatment. Follow-ups are 45-60 minutes long. Treatment may include a number of adjunctive techniques (at no additional cost) including cupping, tui na (bodywork), moxibustion, and more. Dr. Truncali may incorporate chiropractic care into his treatments. Hannah also includes herbal consults in her regular treatments. The cost of the herbs themselves would be supplemental. 

Myofascial Therapy: Dr Truncali goes through a comprehensive physical assessment and utilizes tecnqiues from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic. Techniques used include: cupping. gua sha, tui na, joint mobilizations, and may include limited use of acupuncture needles. This is a perfect option for people with musculoskeletal pain!  New Patients: $65, Follow Ups: $45.00

Herbal Consult: Initial consult is $50 plus the cost of herbs, and lasts 45 minutes. Follow up consults are $30 plus the cost of herbs, and last 30 minutes. 

Cupping sessions: $45 for 30 minutes. We utilize glass cups and a flame to create suction which helps to reduce stagnation, relieve pain, boost the body's defenses and promote relaxation. 

Thrive Acu-Mini Events: $45.00 The mini treatments are done in a community style setting. They consist of a standardized combination of points, meant to give you a little boost. Up to 4 people at a time may book the community room, sip some tea, and enjoy the experience together for 45 minutes. We host special events for the Minis, so stay tuned on our Facebook page to find out when the next one is! 

Choose a mini-protocol from the menu: 

Stress Management— We all have stress due to our hectic modern lifestyles. This combination of acupuncture points will help you to better manage stress, and neutralize its harmful effects on the body. 

Immune Booster—Transitionary seasons of Spring and Fall are hard on the body. Give it a boost with some acupuncture! We incorporate acupuncture points with a long history of use in immunity enhancement to help keep you healthy all year long! 

Re-Charge and Recover—Help your body recover from your strenuous workouts, high stress job, or annoying daily commute. We’ll select acupuncture points that help to rejuvenate the body, and prepare it for the next round of mayhem in your life! 

Meditation Booster— Enhance your meditation practice with the help of acupuncture. We’ve selected powerful acupuncture points that help you deepen you meditative and mindfulness practice both during the treatment and at home.

Quit Smoking— Everyone knows that smoking is associated with numerous health problems, and quitting is difficult. We offer a tried and true acupuncture protocol that has helped many people reduce their urge to smoke, and some have quit after just one treatment! 

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